Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rihanna Rocks Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin for Glamour's September 2011

Luxury Diva Rihanna in lace and fur, in chic dresses from Marc Jacobs and Givenchy , high-heeled Christian Louboutin . Bright photo shoot for Glamour September 2011 .Enjoy Your Viewing.!!


To get involved in jewelry design, Irena began in college with time hobby turned into his own jewelry line Irene Jung jewelry . Jewelry from Irene Jung wonderfully combines modern lines and subtle elegance of the vintage, creating a sense of vintage chic.


The magnificent duo models Daria Verbova and Anya Rubik starred in an advertising company brand H & M «Get Warm» - keep warm. Warm sweaters, scarves, sweaters, and a strip of bright colors .... Fall seems to not be boring.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Together with the shop ELETTO portal had a photo session of autumn-winter collection
Clothes - Roberta Biagi, Space Style concept & Space Couture, Carolina Quaranta, accessories - Aftershock London, all of magzina ELETTO.

''Evening Dresses From Eletto''

Lookbook Cruise Collection 2011

Gucci:The fashion house has released lookbook Cruise Collection 2011If your spring wardrobe is not enough orders for the publication, beach, nightclub, business lunch, walking or visits, a new collection of Gucci you can easily find the missing link to create your own unique image.


Moschino brand has released a collection of sunglasses for spring / summer 2011/2012 ''Moschino sunglasses collection at Mod-Style Spring / Summer 2010/12.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Man Fashion: Summer Weekend Styles

The arrival of summer not only symbolizes a change in weather but is also renowned for bringing a change in man fashion colors and styles. Summer means spending sunny days on the beach and having barbeques in the backyard. For beaches, barbeques and more, so check out these man fashion tips for weekend style.

T Shirts and Shirts: The hot sunny conditions in summers forbid wearing of dark colors; instead it invites warmer and brighter variations. Orange, bright blue and yellow are the 2011 chic colors that should be opted for. Casual shirts which are worn without jackets come in a variety of colors and prints. The style for summers ranges from plain white colored shirts to exotic tropical prints that should worn on exceptionally hot days. A plain T shirt wear is ideal to harness the casual look, you can check out casual T-shirts at mens fashion shirts.

Pants: To counter the summer heat, we stressed that trousers should be light, breathable and most importantly comfortable. Linen pants are the only pants that fit this description. They come in a range of colors and styles. Whether it is a casual party or serious office meeting, linen pants would meet standards.

In the stifling heat jeans may prove to be very uncomfortable. The alternative clothing for a relaxing weekend is drawstrings. Drawstrings come within a wide palette of fabrics; such as twill and cotton. However, the most rewarding and popular are linen drawstrings.

Headwear: The summer headwear is based numerous number of hats of which a few are trilbies, fedoras and pork pie hats. The most common are the straw hats with wide brims. The trick in wearing a hat involves knowing which sort of hat complements the sort of dressing and being confident of the selection.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are what bring out the character; they give a final touch to the man’s attire. They should be worn as to complement the clothing. For formal and energetic outgoing men panorama sunglasses are ideal. They are a combination of formal and casual. Shield sunglasses are structured to give a posh and sophisticated look on a man’s face.

Footwear: The all round option for footwear are man canvas shoes. Canvas shoes can be worn when dressing casually in the summers. They come in a variety of styles; which includes laces, elastics even zippers.

The other recommended footwear are Espadrilles. The shoes have a more casual approach and can easily match with man fashion jeans, shorts and other sorts of casual clothing.

So get your wardrobe ready for this summer weekend styles. Most important, not try to do too much at once. Experimenting with new trends is always great fun and get ready for your summer weekend style.