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HOT Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. the Girls from St. Mackenzie’s

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Lotta hating on 31-year-old Jennifer Love Hewitt recently. Bloggers and snark merchants got ahold of some pictures of her in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit on the set of Law & Order: SVU, and they’ve been ranting and raving that she’s too old to play a schoolgirl.
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That’s a lot of negativity. Is she too old to play a schoolgirl? Sure she is. Does she actually play a schoolgirl on the show? Maybe, maybe not—she plays “a rape victim who becomes too terrified to leave the house.” Well, maybe she’s so terrified she fishes her old school uniform out of the attic and wears it around because it reminds her of her lost innocence—we don’t know, and we don’t too much care. The point we would make is that this is still a really hot babe even if she can’t pull off the schoolgirl anymore.
Maybe SVU would be better off with the girls of, a website about a fictional girls’ school populated by models who take their clothes off. You be the judge:

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